Our Staff

18. Mussarat Jehan, CFO

Mussarat Jehan

Chief Financial Operator

Mussarat is our Chief Financial Operator.





22.Tanisha Nowak – Office Manager

Tanisha Nowak

Director of Administrations

Tanisha is the Office Manager of our Palm Harbor office.  She brings 15 years of office experience through her tenures in Veterinary Medicine and Hospitality. She has a keen sense for detail and a passion for preventative care.


13.Katie O’Gradney – Billing SpecialistKatie O’Gradney

Director of Patient Accounts

As the Director of Patient Accounts and Operations Supervisor, Katie brings over 30 years of expertise in the fields of billing, coding and collections, HIPAA compliance, and staff management to bear in serving our clients. She has experience in multi-specialty and primary care practices. Katie’s understanding and ability to maneuver within the constantly changing landscape of the healthcare industry assures that our clients receive the maximum allowable benefits from their insurance providers.

4.Caroline McLaughlin – Managed Care Director

Caroline McLaughlin

Managed Care Director

Caroline is our Managed Care Director. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare arena, she has been a member of the All Care team for the past nine years. Her unique blend of clinical and administrative skills and the relationships she has developed with healthcare plans and providers, allows her to successfully navigate the complexities and special needs of our Managed Care clients, providing true continuity of care… delivering our patients the healthcare they deserve.

20.Shaun Gant – Certified Medical Assistant

Shaun Gant

Certified Medical Assistant

Shaun is a Certified Medical Assistant in our Clearwater office.




7.Erica Slawin – Certified Medical Assistant

Erica Slawin

Lead Medical Assistant

Erica is the Medical Assistant at our Palm Harbor office. She brings over 5 years of medical and phlebotomy experience to the practice.



1.Amber Jones – Patient Care CoordinatorAmber Jones

Preventive Care Coordinator

Amber is our Preventive Care Coordinator and has been with us since 2012. She was a Certified Nursing Assistant for two years prior to joining the All Care team.


6.Debi Dobbs – Patient Account RepresentativeDebi Dobbs

Patient Accounts Specialist

Debi is a Patient Account Specialist. She is well versed in the medical field with over 20 years of billing, coding and administrative experience.



17.Moneak Reid – Referral CoordinatorMoneak Reid

Referrals Coordinator

Moneak is our Referral Coordinator and has been with the practice since 2006. She’s a certified Medical Assistant and has over 15 years of experience in the medical field.


23.Brandee Williams, Certified Medical Assistant

Brandee Williams

Certified Medical Assistant

Brandee is a Certified Medical Assistant in our Clearwater office.




11.Karina-DeMild-–-Patient-Care-CoordinatorKarina DeMild

Patient Care Coordinator

Karina is a Patient Care Coordinator in our Clearwater office.