Detoxification Program

Nutraceutical kit – This is a two part kit with 17 different fibers and 22 different herbs. This will cleanse out the toxin that we absorb on a daily basis. Also it will purify our digestive system so it is stronger. This is allow better absorption of nutrients and prevent many illnesses.

Detox diet plan – After reviewing your previous history of nutrition we can identify possible food sensitivities and deficiencies. Based off this data we will set in place a 30-60 day plan that will enhance your overall health and nutrition

Detox fitness – Fitness has the ability to alleviate many toxins as well. Through proper heart rate zone training we can dispense toxins through our pour and breathing. Detox fitness programs are typically 2 to 4 weeks long but results can continue to take place for many months thereafter.

Acupuncture detox – by using meridian pathway Acupuncture can push out physical and emotional baring toxins. During this program you may feel an enhancement in energy and a sudden decrease in stress.

Other programs available: Weight Management / Men’s Vitality / Women’s Vitality