Clinical Wellness

A completely unique and comprehensive program, All Care Clinical Wellness engages patients at all ability levels to become part of our Wellness Community. Being a participant and not just a patient means our Clinical Wellness participants benefit from multiple successful programs designed for them, led by a dynamic team of compassionate and talented professionals. We have implemented programs that meet participants’ needs in an environment designed to be comfortable and welcoming for everyone. Keeping in mind that most of us have time and financial restrictions, we have structured our programs to be effective and affordable for all.

Programs include Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling, Weight Loss and Stress Management. We offer Individual and Group personalized exercise for all ability levels including Restorative Yoga, Pilates-style Core Therapy, Silver Sneakers and Corrective Exercise. Participants have access to our state-of-the-art fitness center for classes, open gym time and individual training.

We also have Community/Group and Individual Acupuncture. In addition, our Health Care Providers determine participants’ Vitamin, Nutrient and Hormone deficiencies and prescribe only pharmaceutical-grade restoration.

All Care is thrilled to launch Ornish Lifestyle Medicine in January 2018, the first ever program proven to Reverse Cardiac Disease. Ours will be the first ever offered in a Primary Care setting and the only one in Pinellas County. The Ornish Program reverses heart disease by dealing with its root causes and not just its effects. It is the first program of its kind to be covered by Medicare and other commercial insurances and its transformational impact is evidenced by 30 years of research. (www.

Join us as we partner with you to bring a holistic perspective to your care. Call now to make an appointment and start your happier, healthier life.