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Assembled by M.I. Yamani, M.D. (All Care’s Medical Director or Chief Executive Officer), our team has been serving communities for more than a decade with proven results. Between our technology, evidence-based solutions and a passion to provide, we’re here to deliver the best in healthcare services and procedures.   More Details

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The physicians at All Care are leaders in the medical and wellness care industry. We focus on innovative techniques and health plans, train with the latest technology and build years of experience in the field — all to provide you with a personalized healthcare experience you deserve.


Our happy patients say …

"I just love that that the Exercise and Peggy are in the same building. Amy and Peggy are the BEST, very supportive and care about you. They make me feel good about myself"

Kathleen C.

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Workout With Dr. Yamani

We’re excited to announce a special event at the All Care Fitness Studio! Take control of your health with a group fitness class and education

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Pre-Diabetes and Sugar Addiction

The All Care Health Center Presents: Pre-Diabetes and Sugar Addiction

One of my jobs being a primary care doctor is to inform the patient about abnormal test results (it is not easy). Conditions can vary

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What Is Acute Pain

What Is Acute Pain?

Have you ever experienced a quick, sharp pain that seemingly came out of nowhere? It may have been a phenomenon known as acute pain. Acute

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