All Care


At All Care Medical Consultants, our physicians have diverse backgrounds in numerous areas of health and wellness. With a well-rounded pool of experience, the All Care team provides quality healthcare to both our patients and the community.

The physicians at All Care are leaders in the medical and wellness care industry. We focus on innovative techniques and health plans, train with the latest technology and build years of experience in the field — all to provide you with a personalized healthcare experience you deserve.

Dr. M.I. Yamani, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. N. Nicholas Engelman, D.O.

Family Practitioner

Dr. Kenneth Neifeld, M.D.


Erin Butler, APRN

APRN and Wellness Director

Mustapha Benjouali, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

At All Care Wellness, we make physical fitness fun with a great exercise routine, mental fitness easy with Yoga and Medical, and Lifestyle care hassle-free.

All this is possible only because of our very healthy and fit trainers, who will provide you the best care and ensure wholesome well being.

Dr. M.I. Yamani, M.D.

Medical Director

Erin Butler, APRN

APRN and Wellness Director



Wendy Weaver

Stress Management Specialist, Marketing Consultant

Charlie Mack

Exercise Physiologist

Heather Cheek

Wellness & Medical Administrator

While the Physicians and Wellness team is busy doing their work, our support staff acts as a constant backbone, holding the entire All Care team in one big family. Our support staff ensures that both the patients as well as the team stays in sync with the All Care vision and objectives.

Mussarat Jehan

Chief Financial Operator

Todd Phillips

Chief Operating Officer

Caroline McLaughlin

Managed Care Director

Amber Jones

Preventive Care Coordinator

Moneak Reid

Referrals Supervisor

Ashley English

Lead Administration

Cassandra Cruz

Medical Assistant/ Palm Harbor Office Supervisor

Stephanie Ellis

Lead Medical Assistant

Stephanie Taramona

Front Desk Supervisor